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Mike Kane Cast

Dec 5, 2020

We've returned! Social Media expert Janie Ho (NY Daily News, Janie Co., former LinkedIn) is back to talk social media fundamentals for athletes and entertainers. Janie highlights the best uses of multiple platforms, networking ideas, and how to avoid pitfalls. Learn more about the value of impressions versus likes, high...

May 2, 2020

Meeting people with respect and preparation is a critical part of a great career, relationship and life. We welcome back to social media, digital and online growth expert Janie Ho ( Janie is a senior editor of social media and digital growth at the New York Daily News. She is also an adjunct professor of...

Feb 15, 2020

Eric "Oz" Ouimet has been learning pro wrestling from all angles! Wrestler, manager, editor, graphic designer, promoter...Oz makes it all happen. Does he sleep? This hard-working, innovative young promoter is making things happen in Quebec! Listen here to experience his passion, his effort and his unique perspectives...

Nov 16, 2019

Eric Ligon has been wrestling for a while now - on at least 3 continents. He's seen a lot, learned a lot, and has much to teach. The Purdue graduate's versatility and intelligent perspective shine trough in this discussion.

Most importantly, check out his social media and his work!


Aug 16, 2019


EPISODE 48 - GARRISAON CREED…/po…/mike-kane-cast/id1367079875

Iraq Veteran. Hearing impaired. Late bloomer. Success.

Garrisaon Creed is a man who has lived and thought deeply about life and professional wrestling. His perspective on 1990's wrestling,...